Writing with an AI Assistant

ChatGPT, Claude, AutoGPT, ...

AI (AGI) is here and is already having an impact on education, and on society Prof image at large. Writing with an AI Assistant explores the capabilities and the weaknesses of AI as a language or writing assistant. The book also considers the ethics of using AI and how we can adapt, as teachers and students, to this innovative software.

To prepare for the coming transformative changes, we need to understand what AI can and cannot do. We also have to play our part as creative humans with our own identity and voice so that we can interact efficiently with AI assistants to become better and more productive writers.

Some themes, or maybe aspirations, threaded through this book are: maintaining control; keeping your own voice; questioning the output of AI; using AI to improve your writing over time; and developing the most productive division of labour with AI

The book provides descriptions of the use of AI for all aspects of writing from idea generation to the completion of a text within in a particular genre, such as academic writing.

We may currently consider AI to be a tool, but it will soon become an environment, an integral part of our life, whether we are studying or working. The changes will be rapid; we need to prepare now.

AI Writing Assistants
Grammar and Beyond
Improve your Writing
Writing a Research Paper
Prompt Engineering
The Future of AI and Writing
Final Thoughts

Paperback $12.99 (ISBN: 978-0-940753-33-4) eBook $4.99 (ISBN: 978-0-940753-32-7)

The book is available from Amazon in both formats.
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Alternatively, you can contact corpling@gmail.com or download the epub version here.


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